Zooropean apologies

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Fri, 14 Aug 1998 00:56:10 EDT

Hey Wire,

  I'm just posting today to say just a few things as
"the little guy." Recently, as we all know, there has
been a debate between Reno and Zooropean magazine
because of unfounded accusations against the magazine
and those involved with it. I'd just like to say that some
reactions to this situation have been ridiculous. Reno
made Zooropean look like a corporate juggernaut out to
stomp out any flicker of bad press or opposition. Frankly,
that's hilarious.
  There is a difference between giving an opinion of someone
or something, and outwardly slandering it. Granted, this is
just an internet group, not a big deal (yes, Wire is NOT as
puffed up and important as they'd like to think...gasp....), but
it is still a media used to promote and express ideas and
personal or professional business, and slander is not something
appreciated in any occurance. What Reno did was just that,
and attack on Zooropean. But, of course, some made it
look as if this were a schoolground bully stealing from a toddler.
Zooropean is a business, the people involved with it have a
business to run, and that involves promotion and press, and
dealing with the bad lot of that sort. But, if that was all it was,
no big deal right? But, Reno had to get personal and involve
people that were not and needn't be connected in any way. That
is why Zooropean and the people involved had to personally
step in. They dealt with the bug well and appropriately, I thought,
Reno was out of line.

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