Re: Age (from a remote p.o.v.)/ the Millenium Concert dreamset

ANCA ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 09:08:18 +0300

Hi, Wirelings!

I sure hope I'll be the last to bring up this age subject. It's a pity it
showed up in the first place and it's time to get over it. I don't think
the band would be happy to know about it. Not just because it went
to injuries from both sides (sides? we're one people, aren't we?),
but because THEY, I think, hate to grow old. I feel Bono does, he's
rather Peter Pannish to me; maybe Edge has come to terms with
that, Adam too; as for Larry, he probably discovered the elixir of
youth, so DON'T remind him his age in October!

I want just to make one tiny point. It's true that being of different
ages doesn't mean you can't relate to certain feelings and ideas;
moreover, it's true that being of the SAME age doesn't mean you
experienced the same realities. There is a place out there in
Europe (about a quarter of it) where people, I'm afraid, couldn't
care less of the Bloody Sunday in 1972 - they had other prayers,
excuse my paraphrase. They learnt a lot of things about the real
world only in the nineties. BUT there are many die-hard U2 fans
there as well. See the Sarajevo concert. Besides, there were 2
Bloody Sundays in the Irish history; the first was 80 years ago.
The problem is that the song's title is too explicit. 'Please' deals
with the same matter, but in a (much) more elusive way. It eluded
me at first, I must admit! The meaning of both songs transcends
the historical events and so it should be - that's ART.

The same with the personal experiences. I'm 31, but I have a 26
old friend who has lived more than me and I have a 41 old friend
with whom I can perfectly relate. Age doesn't matter; the brain and
the soul do. The message of the GREATEST ART is intelligible
through centuries, but the actual events are long forgotten. And we
all agree that U2 is the GREATEST ART!

OK, about the Millenium Concert! I remember reading about a
concert where U2 are invited, but failed to answer yet. Regardless,
if there were such a concert in 2000 (I must say this: the new
millenium starts on 1.01.2001!), what would be your dream setlist?
What artists/bands would you invite? If you'll send me a 10 places
list, I'll try to sketch the dreamset. For what I read on the Wire,
we rather share the same tastes.

If you find it amusing, drop me a mail until Aug 20.

Stay U2-nited!
Anca (from Romania)

Far away, so close!

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