Bootlegs, U2 against them???

Live Rare ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 03:40:18 PDT

>Hello everybody I,m receiving this list a few weeks now and enjoy it
>very much as U2 fan. The thing I,m wondering about is the amount of
>bootlegs that are for sale on tapes or CD. If you are aware of the
>fight U2 always having against illegal recordings I'm very surprised
>to find a lot of this on the biggest U2 fan page. A good example is
>somebody who has her own U" page, she tells clear at the startpage >"No
bootlegs for sale" I thinks this is the right way.

I know that this is an ongoing battle between pro-import and anti-import
u2 fans, and its worthless for me to reply, but I feel the need to
(sorry for all who are bored out of their minds with my post)

I am not aware of any fight U2 is having with illegal recordings, I've
read where Bono says "The one thing that can really piss you off, is
paying alot of money for something thats not that good" That statement
kind of insinuates that he buys bootlegs.

It is because I am an extreme U2 fan that I collect these recordings,
and share them with the world, I believe it would be such a waste for
these concerts to be lost and only experienced by the ones who were able
to attend.

but if anyone is aware of any situations or fights that u2 has put up
against illegal recordings (Live concerts, not Wake Up Dead
Man/Discotheque type stuff) I would be interested.

God Bless

none of this was intended to offend or provoke anyone, I'm not in to the
whole "Flaming" thing, however I do believe its what makes wire
interesting. Even though we're so different, we all come to together to
talk about one band.... Hmmmmm "we're one, but we're not the same" I
guess everyone here has said that a million times though.

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