Meeting Bill Flanagan

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Fri, 14 Aug 1998 15:47:26 EDT

Weds. night I was in NYC at the Bottom Line, seeing Francis Dunnery and
Richard LLoyd, who used to be with Televison. During Lloyd's set, a guy came
in and sat in front of me, and it looked like Bill Flanagan. I wasn't sure
though. Later, I saw him talking to someone, so after they parted, on impulse
I asked the guy if that was Bill. He said, yes. Aw, too bad I missed him.
Then, when we were outside, he came out to leave, and I said, Mr. Flanagan?
and stuck out my hand. I introduced myself, and said right away that I was a
big U2 fan. (He had looked puzzled) I said that I had seen him at the press
conference; he was impressed with my memory. I didn't tell him that all U2
fans know who he is! I asked him what the boys are up to, and he said just
post-tour meltdown, and I asked him if he had talked to them recently, and he
said, actually, no, but that Edge had written to him in June and that they had
written some songs by that time. I was trying to find out if they were going
into the studio in Sept.; I told him that the rumours are rampant since we are
all so bored. He didn't seem to really know. He was very nice, and I wish that
I had told him how awesome his book was; it is such a given to me that I
forgot to mention it! I might have sounded like an idiot anyway...:D

Sorry that I didn't suss out some real news, but it was exciting nonetheless.

Love and lemons,

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