DUBLIN STORY PART III !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 22:32 +0200 (MET)

                              Hi U2 lovers !

        Here is the third part of my crazy week. Hope you still enjoy it !

        I've finished the part II during midday July 21 at the PM, so :

        Tuesday, July 21 : After talking to Jerry at the PM we decided to
rejoice the other fans who were waiting at the Hanover Studios to tell them
U2 weren't recording at this time, so we had any chance to see them at this
place. And then, who did we see arriving ?????? NO ! Not this so sweet
hatboy ! Another man ;-) who wore a windcheater with a U2 logo on it !!! So,
i came up to him, saying i was a U2 fan, and asked him who he was and if any
U2 member could come there this day. He just answered he was Sam O'Sullivan.
I knew this meant he was Larry's technician, so i asked if i could shoot
him. He refused in a first time, but when he opened the door of the studios,
i insisted a little because i've noticed he wasn't strongly against this. In
fact, he seemed to be very shy and replied to me "No, i'm not a U2 member",
i replied then "It's not the problem, you're very useful to them, U2
shouldn't do anything without you..." and during my talking i got my camera
ready. And he finished to accept my request. Hehe ! I can be very stubborn
sometimes ;-) As i've already noticed in some messages i've read on Wire
about Dallas and Stuart, the U2 technicians seem to be very shy with the
fans. So, i think we have to show them we can take them in consideration.
And he entered into the Studio. And i returned towards my friends on the
other side of the street. We waited a little more, arguing about what could
do Sam alone, his presence didn't prove that someone in U2 could come here
this afternoon ? .... when Sam came back directly towards us to ask us to
stay quiet when Edge will arrive, adding U2 were really pissed off the
"paparazzi" but if we asked them if we could shoot pictures of them and
asked for autographs, they would accept with pleasure. They just hated to be
shooted by surprise. We promised we'll be respectful to him and he returned
in the Studios. What ???????????? Edge is coming ??????????? Yeeaaahhhhhh
!!!!!! Oh my God !!!!!! So we got our cameras and our pens ready for this
magical moment. A little later, we've seen 3 italians fans and a US fan from
New York who accepted to join us. Hi to you all if you're reading this ! We
chatted together and we decided only one person will approach him to ask for
pictures and autographs, because as we were about 15 persons there, we
didn't want to scare him, getting up all suddenly in the same time. And i
was chosen to be this person. :-))))). About 2 hours later, we saw a very
beautiful Mercedes coming and parking along the pavement a little far from
where we were waiting. And the driver was Edge himself !!!!!!! And he saw us
as soon as he got off his car !!!!! And he walked straight ahead on us !!!
So, i waited a little, letting him approach our group and got up to cross
the street when he was a few meters from the door of the studios. And then,
big problem !!! I couldn't cross the street because a car appeared on the
street and was driven very fast. I didn't want to have an accident just in
front of Edge and i also didn't want to run towards him to avoid the car !
So, i let the car pass and when i finally crossed the street, Edge had
reached the door of the Studios and was ringing the bell. And i was thinking
"No Edge ! We're here for you !". And crossing the street, i called him
"Please Edge, can we shoot pictures of you ?". He turned toward me and
replied "What ?" Oh my God ! He didn't understand me ! I don't know if the
english native people here can imagine such an answer can mean for someone
who's not a native english speaker ! It really scared me ! So, i repeated my
question when i was beside him. Then he replied "OK, no problem".
:-))))))))))))))))))))))) Then, my friends and the other fans came beside
him to shoot pictures and to ask him some autographs too. In fact, he didn't
understand me the first time because i had spoken with a very low voice to
be sure he couldn't be scared (you all know how much we can be excessive;-)
) and i was a little far from him, so he didn't hear very well what i was
saying. Obviously, we have a lot of pictures of him :-)))))))))))))))))))
And if you could see his so sweet look and his so lovely smile !
:-))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) He accepted to sign anything we
presented to him, for instance, he signed a bag on the internal side because
the fan wanted to be sure that the autograph will never be faded by rain,
snow...A friend of mine presented a great picture of him on stage during
last Popmart show in Paris and he was going to sign it, "No Edge, the
picture is for you", my friend replied, "because you was really great at
that moment and i have an enlargement of it on the wall in my room, so keep
this one as a souvenir of our meeting". Then i held out my camera to Sam,
who was there to be sure everything was OK, and asked him "Can you shoot a
picture with everybody and Edge together ?" "No, he replied, we haven't time
enough" :-(((((( The funniest thing is that at the same time, my best friend
asked the same thing to Edge and Edge replied "No i can't, no time."
:-(((((((((( And she replied " No ? OK Edge" with a very sad voice. And he
surely noticed she was sad, because he then replied "OK. Where is the camera
?". I didn't notice what my friend was saying and suddenly i heard her
yelling "Karine, Karine, shoot me with him ! Karine, please !!!!!!", "OK,
OK, Nat, don't panic !" i replied. And it's how i shot the best picture of
that day. On this picture, Edge has the best and the sweetest smile i've
ever seen. :-))))))))))))))))))))))) I think he strongly felt how much my
friend was happy to be with him on this picture. Well, when he was sure
everybody had got all the pictures and all the autographs they wanted, he
entered to the studios. And i had time enough to notice the big smile Edge
and Sam had on their face when they entered in the studios. :-))))))))))))
Surely they were happy everything happened fine, in spite of the big group
of fans who was there. I know, it surely happened like that many times, but
you know, noone can be sure it will always be the case. Then, we shot
pictures of Edge's car too and went to the Dockers Pub near the Windmill
Lane Studios (where U2 often went some years ago) to celebrate this
wonderful event !

        To be continued. This magical Tuesday is still not finished !

        In the name of love



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