Wake Up DeadMan/Age

Paul Passantino ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 13:29:25 PDT

Hey i was wondering about he song "Wake up Deadman" i know its a prayer
but what about? i wonder who hgad the idea for the song.
Does anyone know?

By The Way: i have been listining to U2 for 15 years [even boy] (how
many people can honestly say that they have...) yet i am not at all
close to there age(im not even 18!) but i feel a very close bond to U2.
age DOES NOT MATTER!! people say "well you have to......well i grew
up..." WHO GIVE A DAMM!!!! i listened to U2 in the womb!! all you
generation people who were born with U2(early 60's) can say "the first
song i ever heard in my life was by U2" or "when i was a little baby the
song i listened to wasn't "twinkle twinkle little star" but it was "the
electric co." or "I will Follow"!! i was lucky to have a dad who like
U2...now how many of you 38 year olds who say they have a "special bond"
with U2 can say that there Bond is likke mine? NONE!because U2 was not
U2 when they were kids!!! All i am saying is that U2 is such an awsome
band that they make "special" Bonds with everyone in different ways!

"Jesus,Jesus help me. I'm alone in this world and a fucked up world it
is to"

go see my U2 Page Please



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