Re: U2 parody on old Simpsons?

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Fri, 14 Aug 1998 21:24:33 EDT

Maybe there really are some fans who are too young. Or at least if not too
young, not well informed.

Not a flame, really. But it amazes me with the amount of material U2 uses,
which is not originally theirs, and young fans go on thinking that it's an
original U2 idea. Now, again, I used the word young, which is also a
reference for not being well informed.

Someone a few weeks ago made a comment about the deodorant commercial and the
song "Night and Day." Wondering if U2 had "sold out." I believe it was also
Prarit who pointed out this was a Cole Porter tune (a person who is very much
on the ball -- go on you). There are a few other incidents which escape me
right now. But it amazes me that very few people read liner notes, or the
plethora of books about U2. All of which give pretty much the same
information, but all worthy of reading.

Some people were concerned about their age being a factor for their lack of U2
knowledge, and were offended by the idea due to responses (which were also
"uninformed") to Modsavage's original post (which some of you need to read
again, cause you didn't get it the first time! -- it had nothing to do with
what most of you are babbling about). But if lack of U2 knowledge is
something that concerns you, then read a book. I can't believe most of you
still have not read Flannagan's U2 At the End of the World, or even
Unforgettable Fire (which has it's flaws, but it does contain a childhood
history that is very interesting -- not to mention some cute baby pictures).
There are also some very good books that give you meaning of songs -- straight
from the horses mouth.

I have lost my concentration. If you want to talk about this more please
email me privately, hopefully then I will have less Nyquil in my brain, and
more U2.

In the name of Sparky,
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

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