MORE FREE STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!

Josh Faul ([email protected])
Fri, 14 Aug 1998 20:17:58 PDT

Alright you crazy kids it's that time again. Time for more tape
giveaways!!!! I'm giving away The Hershey Rehearsal tape the ONLY place
you can hear Acrobat live! It also contains Sunday Bloody Sunday with a
NEW verse and a "country" version of The Fly. I'm also going to be
giving away more of the early B-side tape. And NO you can't have both. I
have to be fair and let everyone have a chance. Last time I went on a
first come first serve basis I will NOT be doing that this time as it
isn't fair to those who don't read the digest from the reflector site.
This time I will randomly pick people from all e-mails recieved. I
haven't decided how many tapes I will be giving away (this does get
quite exspensive afterall) probably around 15-20.

Use this address to be entered in the contest

[email protected]

Thank you and good luck

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