U2, Comic Books, and Selling Out

Pirate Bob ([email protected])
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 01:42:56 -0400

An article from Wizard Issue 77 (January 1998) about small independant
comic titles being bought and then published by larger mainstream

"One of the biggest factors threatening the small press is the
possibility of fan apathy. When a small-press book makes the leap to a
bigger company, it runs the risk of alienating some die-hard fans. Once
Bone and Strangers In Paradise joined Image they had to contend with
readers saying that they had 'sold out' or that the quality of the
comics would go down. The same thing has happened to the new group of
Image books. While some fans have voiced their negative opinions, the
creators have stood their ground. 'Nobody's sold out,' [Brian Michael]
Bendis [creator of Jinx] states, 'When my fans first heard about Jinx
being published by Image, they thought it was going to be in color, or I
was going to have a WetWorks [an ultraviolent military book] crossover.
But when the book came out and it was just the same as before, they
realized I was just trying to do better for myself. When R.E.M. and U2
went from big college-level rock to mainstream rock, their college
audiance said, "Screw You," but they did nothing but make better music.'

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