Re: How to recognise posts from an 'anti-bootlegger'...

Robbie Robinson ([email protected])
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 23:28:50 -0700

Tim Both wrote:
> Hey all,
>After conducting a comprehensive survey of the last few day's posts
>here are some common phrases used by those who hate bootleggers.
> Have a laugh...
>1) 'Insert name of bootlegger' is NOT a TRUE U2 fan.
>2) 'Insert name of bootlegger' is ripping off TRUE U2 fans.
>3) I am glad 'insert name of bootlegger' got busted. About time too!
>4) 'Insert name of bootlegger' should be into just 'spreading the
>music' to the REAL U2 fans like me.
>5) If you want to SELL your boots then take a jump, but if you want
>to TRADE then you can be my friend.
>What do you think? Close to the mark? Any additions?

Hi Wirelings!

How about an "I love Bootleggers" list? :)
I love bootleggers because they provide all sorts of videos
and audios I would die for. I just get a little peeved if
they're charging more than I can afford at that moment.
But, then I grit my teeth and go trade for or buy a cheaper
copy of it and put up with a little generational loss.
I still love the bootleggers because I'd never have gotten
the wonderful stuff I have if they didn't exist.
Remember, If they didn't exist, you couldn't even trade for
a copy of what they they sell. Somewhere back down the line
of all those boots you have that you got by trading with
only "pure" U2 fans, there lurkes the bootlegger that made
the origional recording :)

>That's all,



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