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  Hi wireworld.....I need your help.

1) I need that Unforgettable Fire album font!!!! What was just a passing
curiosity has now turned into a I want that font!! If
anyone can help Id be most grateful :)

2) If you have a site that sells/advertises some kind of U2 merchandise
(bootlegs too if you want)....can you please email me your URLs. Or a
short email telling me what you sell and where ppl can reach you (ie,
email addy or something). I'm putting together a kind of "one stop" page
of U2 merchandise links.

Ok thats my wish list. Now on with the news. I appologise if this has
been posted before....

Found at Zoonation (
>A few of the songs are taking shape and that at least one is
>considered being "finished" by the band. Fortunately I was able
>to listen to snippets of two songs, the titles are not set yet, even
>the current names are sketchy. All I can say is that the tracks
>sound very interesting, it does seem as if a whole new direction is
>being taken but more towards a "grassroots" type of rock. The
>music is still big but is very minimalistic. Apparently the band is
>staying away from heavy aftereffects on the tracks. The themes of
>the songs also are straying away from the "fidelity" and spiritual
>issues of Achtung Baby, Zooropa, and POP. Lyrics that I've heard
>(very few) indicate a return to the poetic and illustrative means >that
Bono used on The Unforgettable Fire and Joshua Tree albums.

>If this information is correct, this all seems to be happening very
>fast. Our biggest question at ZooNation is why Island hasnt geared up
>a marketing campaign, ala the year preparation before the POP album.

  All I can say is "lets hope so!!". Although I think I'd be happy if U2
released an album of static. Maybe not static........but you get the

P.S. know the email addy to post to off by heart. Hehehe.

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