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I just cannot believe that post of the conversation from a couple of days ago.
Those two gave Christianity, U2 fans, and common sense and decency a bad name,
in my opinion.
I hope that was a hoax, it is sad to think that people like that listen to the
band and claim to be Christians. That is NOT what Christianity is about.
I also think it was wrong to be posted here.

I would think most fans are ashamed of what Wire has become lately, attacking
religion, age, and a while back homosexuals. If you disagree, fine, but do not
attack people, it makes us all look bad.

That said, the age debate is also a stupid thread, age has nothing to do with
being a "true fan" (look that one up in Websters) just as age has nothing to
do with intelligence or wisdom.

I disagree with certain lifestyles, or whatever, but I can still respect
someone as a person. I am not their judge, that is left to some other being
after this life (opinion). Life is a series of choices. I subscribe to the
existential philosophy. We are a product of our choices in life.

Why do people continually try to segment people and put them in little boxes
like this? I think it all comes down to a lack of understanding. Empathy.
Stereotyping and sweeping generalizations are foolish.

It is about the music, not what color, creed, religion, gender, socio-economic
status, age, weight, height, or medical history anyone has.

Like anyone I have emotions and get riled. Lately I have lost patience with a
couple of people here. If you disagree with me, fine. That is what makes the
world an interesting place, but do so without attacking me. If my posts here
in response to attacks on me offended anyone I apologize, but an opinion and
an attack are two different things.

  This is a forum for sharing opinions, not slandering or slagging someone
because of who they are.I think Bono said it best, it applies to Wire now more
than ever:

"To be one, to be united is a great thing. But respecting differences is
perhaps even greater."

Respect is a two way street, it is earned, not given freely.

Sorry, about the rambling. Try to respect each other and have a good weekend.

Peace, Love and lemons,

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