Live "Wire" and my fookin' stoopid "non-U2" posts :)

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Sat, 15 Aug 1998 20:31:58 PDT

Helloooooooo Wire!

Have y'all read the book The Unforgettable Fire? It mentions in it that
U2 couldn't perform the song "Wire" live. It was just a total mess and
very difficult for them. Did they ever eventually perfect it and play
it in concert????? I've always wondered....


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot this one last thing! But it's not aimed at
ALL of you. Just some:

WELL, pardon me for havin' a fookin' sense of humor! So, my posts are
"non-u2 posts," huh? Just a waste of space, HUH? Oh, whatEVER!!!

Y'all win. I'll admit that last post of mine was really retarded. It
was stupid. But I thought it was FUNNY! Bono's Hot Pants! Come on,
people! Lighten up. I love U2 and I love to smile and laugh, so I try
to combine it all. A waste of space? You wanna see a waste of space?
Just look at the endless arguments that go on, on Wire, that SHOULD go
on through private e-mails. Look at the damn flame wars; putting each
other down and thinkin' someone's all *superior* and better than the
other. That's the Wire crap that sucks. Not my silly, pointless or
sometimes stupid posts. At least mine are in fun, ya know? And YES
they DO have *somethin'* to do with U2, thank you very MUCH! It may not
be about bootlegs or selling U2 stuff, but it IS about U2 in some way.

Anyway, I AM going to watch myself for now on. I really like Wire, and
since I'm getting *one more chance*, I ain't gonna blow it. OK? OK!

Have a nice day.

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