Australian U2 show... STILLNOTCOMINGDOWN!!!!!

U2girl ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 16:56:06 +1000


Well I have to say that last night was the ULTIMATE as far as U2 cover bands
go... these guys just seem to get better with each show, they always pop in
a few surprises, which last night were Helter Skelter, In God's Country, and
Everlasting Love. UF and Bad went off as always!! hell the whole show was
A special hello to a few wirelings :) Brian... you drunkard... :P you ROCK
baby!!!!!! *flashback of Brian and I doing the BOOM CHA pelvic thrusts
during Discoteque!* Kate and Ali I am so happy you made it down, :) it was
great to see you both again!!! Andrew Briscoe, next time call in sick for
work and come out with us!! :)
Hi also to Sharon Watson, it was great to finally meet you. :)
Well, after such a wicked show a few of us were still hyped and ready to
carry on with nights proceedings,
some needed a bit of encouragement (you know who you are :P) but 8 of us
finally made it to Bridie O'Reilly's,
as we walk in the door what should be playing? love is blindness... *grin*
it was a sign :) for the rest of the night until we were thrown out *as an
angel hits the ground* we heard acrobat!!! woohoo!!! one tree hill, and wild
horses, we all had THE best night!!!! up until the ride home, we had "Max"
the psycho Ukrainian cab driver from hell *lol* but thats another post. :)

*love&kisses* Wen.... just Wen NOT Wenniford :P

*still sucking on lemon slices and singing acrobat*

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