enough! This is a U2 list for crying out loud!

Mindi Welton ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 02:14:31 PDT

I have been on/off WIRE for three years now. I got on this list to
learn more about U2 (when I first subscribed I didn't even know what
Bono's real name was!) I got on to meet people, to discuss the band.
Over the years the list has changed--we used to have friendly replies,
jokes, and of course, info on the band.

There are 4000+ fans on this list. Each of us comes from a different
background, different past, culturally, religiously, etc. We have
different values, different ideas of what's right and wrong. When
one person on this list condemns a group of people for their beliefs,
cultures, race, sexual orientation, or age, it offends someone.

I am sick of the degrading posts on WIRE that tear someone apart
because of who they are. That's not what U2 is about, not what
they've ever been about.

I'm quitting this list. When you bash someone for their religion, race,
sexual orientation, etc., you're bashing someone's mother, father,
sister, brother, friend. You're bashing me.

"We're one but we're not the same, we've got to carry each other,
carry each other..." Guess we forgot how.

And Paul said, "Whenever possible, live peaceably with all." I find
no peace here, only hatred.

Finished, and gone,

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