You Know You Want to Order Wire Cards

Anne ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 11:04:49 +0000


Yes, the Wire Cards are ready to be ordered! For those of you
who may
have no idea what I'm talking about, Wire Cards are business-type

cards that
have a Wire logo (thanks to Al Clark for his design!) and your
name, e-mail
address, and web page address (if applicable). Hand them out to
you meet, drop them in trade packages of tapes/CDs, etc.

You can see a sample (what mine would look like minus the link to

me) here:

They cost 10 cents per card (includes shipping wherever in the
world you might be), and are purchasable in increments of 10. So

10 is $1,
20 $2, etc. I'm not looking to make a profit here.

So e-mail me if you're interested!


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