Karine Maucourt ([email protected])
Sun, 16 Aug 1998 21:45 +0200 (MET)

                        Hi U2 Lovers !

        Here is the Part 4 of my wonderful week.....

        Tuesday, July 21 : After celebrating this meeting at the Dockers
Pub, we came back to the city center to do shopping. Then, we chose the
Tosca restaurant to have dinner. We failed to see Norman and Bono's pictures
but it's a very good restaurant anyways. On the evening, we walked along the
quays and in Temple Bar area when suddenly we saw again Edge's Mercedes
:-)))))))))))))))))) parked on the pavement near the Clarence Entrance. Waou
!!!! How can it happen !!!! Edge's car again !!! So, he's here
:-)))))))))))))))))))))))))) But we didn't stay there to get a chance to see
him, because we thought he would think we followed him everywhere and we
thought he could be annoyed by this. Twice in the same day, oh well !
Moreover, it was by pure chance we saw his car. We even didn't think we
could see him again the same day. And we were afraid that Edge could feel
harass by the fans. So we said "Let's him this evening with his friends and
family" and we passed along his car without stopping (i have to admit ;-),
except to shoot a picture of his car with 3 of us who didn't go to the
Studios in the afternoon ;-) ).

        Wednesday, July 22 : Well, not a good day. We chose this day to go
to beach at Malahide and we were just sitting in the bus when the rain began
to fall :-(((((((((((((((((. And it was raining until 6 pm !!!! So, we came
back to Dublin and went to Temple Bar to pass the evening in a "traditional
music pub". Sorry, no Mercedes that night. :-(

        Thursday, July 23 : We visited the Kilmainham Jail in the morning.
It's really great to see how the fight for freedom was told there. In a
little movie we've seen there, they explained everything began after the
french Revolution, and during this part (which shortly describes our ;-)
Revolution) we even heard our national anthem :-))))))))))))). Do any irish
fan here can say to me who can i thank for this ? BTW, the history of
Ireland during the 2 last centuries is explained very well. We also visited
the Irish Museum of Modern Art which is located near the Kilmainham Jail.
During the afternoon we visited Christ Church, St Patrick Church and the
Dublin Castle. On the evening, we decided to have dinner together (i mean,
the whole group) in an indian restaurant where Bono was already gone. It's
the Mortys of Kathmandu, Eustace Street, and it's easy to recognize it,
there's a little picture on the door showing Bono with the owner of the
restaurant :-)))))))) After that, we had the coffee at the Clarence Hotel.
Just a few words about it. You can have lunch/dinner at the Clarence, it's
not expensive, there are about the same prices than in Tosca for instance.
And don't forget to visit the toilets ! No, it's not a joke, the toilets
are really nice there ! In fact, only the nights are very expensive, they
cost ir£ 180-200 per night, about US$260 !!! Maybe it's like that because U2
don't want to be annoyed by their fans sleeping there. They said they used
this hotel for their own friends (who can be celebrities). Well, it's just a
suggestion. Then, we began to wait to enter to the Kitchen. But this is
another story.....

        To be continued.....

        In the name of love


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