Do NOT buy anything from CDZone (!

Matt Houston ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 12:26:24 +1000

Greetings and salutations.

CDZone is a UK-based mail-order company with four "arms" - CDs,
videos, books and software (each with separate URLS, but all run by
the same company).

After looking for quite some time for a copy of Wim Wenders' "Until
The End Of The World" on PAL video here in Australia, I stumbled
across CDZone's video-selling arm, VideoZone
( Anyway, I ended up ordering the video
from them, but when it reached me, the tape was damaged - since the
package had not been opened at all (so far as I could tell) prior to
me receiving it, I figured that they had inadvertantly sent me a copy
which had been returned to them as being damaged. (The tape was not
wrapped in plastic when I received it, and was wound on to about ten
minutes into the film - the first ten minutes of the tape were
severely chewed before I even put it into my VCR.)

I'm now beginning to question my assumption about the inadvertance of
them sending me this tape, because despite multiple e-mail requests
over a period of two weeks to both the manager and the mail order
department for me to exchange the tape, I'm yet to hear a reply.
Maybe they figured that since I lived in a different country, there
wasn't a hell of a lot I could do if they sent me a dodgy tape, but I
guess all that I can do is hopefully try and prevent any of you from
dealing with them.

So, the essential moral is : CDZone are eager to take your money, but
aren't so eager to return your e-mails when you have a problem with
damaged stock.

You have been warned ...

                            - Matt Houston -
       U2 On The Edge :
"And it's true we are immune / when fact is fiction and TV reality."
 - U2, "Sunday Bloody Sunday"

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