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Kirk Franklin's "Lean On Me" album(features Bono amongst others) released
September 1998.
B.B. King's Greatest Hits(includes 7" version of "When Love Comes To Town")
August 25, 1998
CONFIRMED: U2 "POPMart" DVD/VHS October 12, 1998 NA/
September 28, 1998 EUR.
RUMOUR : U2 New Album(Title To Be Announced) 1999

Concerts/Live Events:

Television/Radio Events:
VH1: They are working on a U2 special. Airdate TBA.

Net Events:
The U2-Internet Amnesty International Fundraiser site is
Vote for U2 at DotMusic's Top Albums of All Time (AB is #3, JT is #16)
Vote for U2 under "Juiciest Boy Group" at
(Don't ask me...I didn't make up the category name...)

Fan Club/WIRE/U2 nutzoid meetings:
Lemon-Aid: A U2 Summer Cookout, August 22, Fall River,
Massachusetts. Email [email protected] for more information
A SORT OF HOMECOMING, August 28-30, Las Vegas, NV
Email [email protected] for more information.
Wire Gathering in Kansas, September.
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NEWS dates:
Bono/Sinead/Dave pic added August 13
Irish Times articles added August 13
Bono/Sinead/Dave Stewart jam added August 13
Two interesting tidbits (RUMOUR) added August 12
New Dishwalla compared to recent U2 added August 11
No commercial single for Franklin project added August 11
Funny Negativeland picture added August 11
Raven's Stadium Scoreboard based on PopMart Screen added August 10
PopMart preview review added August 10
Another report on Franklin's "Lean On Me" added August 10
Dave Matthews Band opening sequence added August 10
Eyewitness report of The Edge added August 10
Eleven Years Ago... added August 9
Negativeland in trouble again added August 9
U2 preview at Edinburgh Festival tonight! added August 9
The pic of Bono/Sinead/Dave Stewart can be found at:

Condensed from The Irish Times:

(Prarit's note: This particular article is about Irish DJs and a new album called
"Sounds of the Irish Underground". The entire article is worth the read...)

Moy himself is something of an experienced hand in the studio, releasing singles
on Red and Influx, remixing everyone from David Holmes to U2, and popping
up here as Resinated.

The entire article can be found at:


Condensed from The Irish Times:

(Prarit's note: The article is about travelling throughout Ireland. On this
particular day, the travel group runs into John Hume.)

Then John Hume gets back into his car. Himself and his party
wave at us. We wave back at them. Then they're gone.

"Who was that guy?" everyone is asking. Liam is still staring
out the window. "That guy," he says, "is responsible for the
Peace Process."

"Cool," someone says, and then quips, "can you fix for us to
meet U2 too?"

The entire article can be found at:

>From Henry "Wags" Wagner, in my response to a question about DVD players:

I can attempt to answer this. There are different regions for DVD sales,
but I thought there were only 6:

According to: http://www.videoflicks.com/DVDreg.htm

Region Countries
1 United States of America, Canada
2 Europe, including France, Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Arabia and South
3 Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Borneo and Indonesia
4 Australia and New Zealand, Mexico, the Carribean, and South America
5 India, Africa, Russia and former USSR countries
6 Peoples Republic of China

"Note: Some DVD players have an internal switch setting that allow you to
choose the country code, while others have the code "hard-wired"."

and from: http://www.codefreedvd.com/dvd_dvdregionlockingexplained.htm

"What does this mean? This means that movies from Region 1 (USA & Canada)
WILL NOT play on a DVD player regions 2-6. Effectively Region 1 discs play
only on Region 1 DVD players, Region 2 discs play only on Region 2 DVD
players and so on.

Why are there 6 regions? Movies are released on DVD at different times
around the world, typically America and Canada first, Australia and Japan
6 months later, and Europe 12 months after US release. In some instances,
DVD movies are available for purchase in America and Canada before they
are released in European cinemas. Due to the high quality of DVD and the
movie release system used by Hollywood, 5 regions were establish to
prevent people from watching Region 1 movies before they were released on
Regions 2-6."

I've got the Pioneer DVL-700, I'll have to check the owners manual.
(crossing fingers)

If this does happen I'm sure many people will go out an purchase players,
check out: http://www.codefreedvd.com/home.htm for a list of players that
work with discs from all 6 regions.

I really hope they include multiple camera angles, I've never seen a DVD
use this feature (anyone know of one?).

Basically the idea behind the different regions is to limit where discs
can be sold, and I guess to limit importing. Personally, it seems like a
really stupid idea. But if U2 does multiple releases it may not be
possible to get all the disks to play. It would be cool if 12 different
concerts were released on DVD at least we could get some trades going for
high quality VHS copies :-)
(Prarit's note: The Sun, a British Tabloid also reported a similar story.)

>From German TV Viva

Bono, Sinead O'Connor and Dave Stewart delighted the sun hungry
on the beach somewhere in the south of France with a spontaneus
jam. O'Connor wore a bikini and smoked cigarettes as she sang a
duet with the U2-Man while Dave Stewart took care of accompaniment.

Thanks to Peter for this info.
Two rumours from a source:

1) The new "PopMart" DVD will contain footage from multiple concerts. (This
should be considered a BIG RUMOUR, but you never know...)
Supposedly, the DVD will also be released in twelve different areas of the world,
all with different footage--however, a DVD bought in NA will not be able to be
viewed in EUR. (I doubt this: is DVD technology like VCR technology? Can the
DVDs be limited in some way to be viewed in a specific area? What about
DVD players that are already on the market? Are they limited as well?)

2) Bono and Edge recently did some work with Simon Carmody in Windmill
Lane studios. This apart from the work they did for Entropy.
>From Rocktropolis:

And You Think You Know What
Life's About
"Once in a While"

Dishwalla's debut, Pet Your Friends, had plenty to overcome: a dumb band
name, a dumb album title, and a dumb single title (not to mention the group's
cursed hometown, Santa Barbara, which still hasn't been forgiven for Ugly
Kid Joe). Yet against all odds, "Counting Blue Cars" rode its swelling
chorus hook to overwhelming radio saturation, sweeping the band's U.S.
album sales past 500,000 copies in the bargain. J.R. Richards' pleasantly hearty
voice and occasional knack for lyrical twists (switching God's gender, for
instance) were keys to the group's success, while guitarist Rodney
Browning laid down a comfortingly familiar bed of growling chords, pausing
for a few odd detours into funk and soul. It was a safe sound, but it paid off.
The second album is no less calculated, but it's also a stunning
reversal. No longer content to nestle between Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains,
and Hootie, Dishwalla instead turn their attention overseas, hiring producer
Marc Waterman (Elastica, Ride) to convert them into a layered, high-tech
descendant of recent U2 and Radiohead. Hardly even sounding like
the same band, Dishwalla now dive into vocal filters, drum machines, and
flanged guitars, while Richards puts on his best impression of Bono's
distinctive sob.

The funny thing is, this is actually an improvement. While the dragging tempos
eventually become just as tedious as Radiohead's, densely constructed
epics like "Stay Awake," "So Blind," "Bottom of the Floor," and "Once in a
While" are more durable than anything found on their debut. Still, with all the
added effects and overdubs, some of the group's warmth has been sacrificed,
and no matter how cutting- edge the production, the lyrics remain strictly
ordinary (yes, three songs with choruses about "stars" are enough). Credit the
boys with trying something new, however.

-- Eric Broome
>From Billboard:

Franklin Leans On Stars For New Track

Kirk Franklin's Gospo Centric album "The Nu Nation Project," due Sept. 22,
includes a star-studded ensemble on the track "Lean On Me." Billboard Bulletin
reports that the new song, written and produced by Franklin, features Mary J.
Blige, R. Kelly, Bono, and Crystal Lewis. There will be no commercial single.

According to a statement, Franklin, Gospo Centric, and its partial owner,
Interscope, are donating $250,000 to the Burned Churches Fund of the National
Council of the Churches of Christ, "in anticipation of profits" from the album.
Check out the following pic of Negativeland. All copyrights to SonicNet/
Addicted to Noise noted.

Condensed from The Washington Post:

At Ravens Stadium, Technology Scores
Md. Field's Video, Sound Equipment A First for NFL, a Feast for Fans
By Thomas Heath
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, August 10, 1998; Page B01

The state matched the quality of the video screens with a
300,000-watt, computerized sound system that has speakers throughout
the stadium for maximum effect. By comparison, the speakers at Jack
Kent Cooke Stadium in Landover are centrally located in two places.

The Ravens' technology, known by the trademark SmartVision, achieves
its effect through recent advances in light emitting diodes (LEDs),
which are tiny, Tic-Tac-sized lights used in everything from car
stereos to cellular phones. The lights are packed together in 20-piece
clusters, called pixels, producing a brighter, higher resolution
picture than the cathode ray tube technology in traditional television

About two years ago, Japanese scientists discovered a key piece of the
puzzle that made the new LED scoreboards possible. They found an LED
crystal that emits a blue light, which when combined with red, green
and yellow lights, creates up to 16 million shades and colors.

"We worked with the Japanese starting four years ago," said Fred
Jalbout, president of SACO, the scoreboard's Montreal-based

Jalbout said he perfected the technology in the last year or so; the
first test came when rock group U2 used a mobile, 50-by-150-foot
SmartVision screen for its 1997 PopMart World Tour. Ravens owner Art
Modell's son John, a music producer in Los Angeles, advised his father
to buy the system after he visited SACO two years ago.

The entire article can be found at:

As far as I can tell, the Edinburgh Festival preview of the "PopMart Movie"
involved several remixes of songs, and a complete version of "One" from Mexico

If anyone has anything to add to this review, please email me.

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