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Mon, 17 Aug 1998 02:16:12 EDT

(you know your friends know you're a wireling when...)

Okay ... it was board game night, and we were playing Scattergories, and one
of the items to name was a TV show beginning with the letter G. And one
person put Gun as his answer. The answer went up for debate when someone did
not realize this was an actual show (well, mini-series really). And I, of
course, said "yes it was, and as a matter of fact U2 did the theme song, which
was a remake of 'Happiness is a Warm Gun." And he was allowed the point,
cause you know I would never lie about something that was U2 related!

Later that night, when playing Taboo, a different word game, I got the word
Desire! And you know my clues to my team were "U2 song ... Rattle n Hum ...
1-2-3 Yeah!" and they guessed it right! So this other guy says "Oh U2 sucks"
(no he didn't know me before last night), and everyone got real silent and
stared at me to see what I was gonna do -- as if I was gonna pull out a gun
and cap the guy! LOL!! Anyway, I just told him I really love U2 and would
appreciate it if he would not say such horrible things in my presence again.
He was very apologetic, and the evening went very well from there!

Happy Story!

In the name of Sparky!
Shannon Carey-Thorpe

"with a red guitar ... on fire ... DESIRE!!!"

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