A few responses, Do You Feel Loved, and some guy I saw today wearin' a U2 shirt!

Nikki !!! ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 00:22:50 PDT

Faraway So Close! You're bitchin', girl! WOOOOOOO HOO KEIRA! Right
on, sista.

And APRIL! Oh, sweet, sweet April. Bono and his pants. Yes, yes,
YES!!! You're bitchin' too!

And Robbie! What a splendid idea. It'd be nice to know who's
complainin' about us "non-u2 content" people. It's too bad these
certain somebodies don't have enough balls to face annoying people like
me on the internet. They gotta tell on me? OH, PUH-LEEEEEEEZE! I'm a
chick on a computer! I couldn't hurt a fly! And you're tattling on me?
Why don't ya just FACE ME! COME ON WUSS! Haha! whatever. Anyway,
there's really nothin' to be afraid of, ya know. I don't
bite.............. hard. ;)

Just wanted to also say that I think DO YOU FEEL LOVED is such an
excellent song, and I TOO think it's the best on Pop. OK....... maybe
ONE of the best (I like a bunch on there). But I just love it!
Michael, you are so right! I wish so badly that they played this in
concert more. I wanna hear it LIVE, BABY! LIVE!

ONE MORE U2 THING! Today, at the fair, I saw a guy with an Achtung Baby
shirt on. YES! I called to him, "Hey! Hey you!" I ran over to him
and asked, "Did you go to this concert?" He said, "Yeah." Then I said,
"Ohmigawd! Wow! Well...... would you want to sell that shirt by any
chance? I'll buy the shirt off your back." He laughed and said, "No
way! It's the only one I've got!" "Aaaaawwww bummer! Well, thanks
anyway," I said, and we went our separate ways. STILL though, I think
it's pretty damn cool that I found another U2 fan in my town. That's
kind of rare, unfortunately.

OK. I'm off to bed. I'm sick of typin'.

G'night Wire!


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