Re:what gives?

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Mon, 17 Aug 1998 03:46:10 EDT

<<Although, I believe that abortion is murder and practicing homosexuality
is a sin (like any other - we are all sinners), I take offense to the
comments against blacks, jews and muslims. There is no place on Wire
for such racist and ethnic based comments. The thing that I would say
is what would Jesus have to say about this? As a reminder, God created
all people and loves all of them equally. God hates all sin equally.
What gives u2fan and Partygirl the right to be judge and jury over those
groups of people. God will decide each persions fate, not us.

Love and lead, do not condemn,



I agree that ethnic arguments and racial issues need to be kept off of
WIRE...but *I* personally am taking offense to your preaching of "God" as
well. I dont believe that religious issues other than that pertaining to U2
should be voiced on WIRE. Dont tell me what "Jesus" would say...dont tell me
that "he" created me and DONT tell me "he" is the one to decide my fate. As
well I think that abortion issues and homosexuality issues need to be kept off
WIRE as well unless it has some sort of bearing on U2 themselves and is
relevant. Everyone has their own opinions and these topics will stir up some
great debates on morality and personal beliefs and that is NOT why we are
here..not for that...not to discuss our opinions on these such topics in
general terms. It is a U2 list and should remain as such.

tryin REALLY hard to hold my tongue....

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