Sharon Winsatt ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 05:48:47 PDT

only Americans can understand......what a strange statement....
I think the author is talking about memories that are very fresh in the
minds and memoiries of those Americans of Irish descent and are kept
alive...some of the cities here have a very heavy concentration of Irish much so that there is a joke that circulates about an
Irishman who brought his family to America for a visit to Boston...after
about a week his son asked "So when are we going to America, Dad ...?"
I think to say a portion of Americans are very knowledgable about the
problems there because they are literally connected to it would be a
safer statement...but I can't presume to know what the orginal poster
meant. This is just a guess. I am of Irish descent (The O'Nolans and
The O'Gallahars. I sometimes jokingly call myself a Celtic
Cherokee)...and I don't even begin to understand all about it....

                              Sharon W.

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