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Bec W. ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 08:18:15 PDT

>Hey wire,
>I think U2 was trying to be trendy when they came
>out with pop, because there gettiing into that techno crap,
>don't get me wrong, I like pop and zooropa but they are
>trying to be trendy and those albums weren't as good as
>joshua tree and achtung baby. And no achtung baby was not
>trendy neither was joshua tree. Achtung baby was different
>but not trendy it was a trend setter. So I hope U2 goes
>back to the achtung baby or joshua tree sound on there new.
>Those are the albums that made them as popular as they are

I don't think "trendy" is really the right word here. If they wanted to
be trendy and have everyone love their music, they would have created an
album whose singles could be played on Top 40 radio! And I don't know
about you, but where I live, nothing from Pop was played on contemporary
radio except for Staring at the Sun for about 2 weeks. I think the
album was about moving in a new direction and experimenting a bit (like
all the albums). I personally like JT and AB a little better than Pop
as well, but I would doubt they'll ever go back to their "old" sound.
And that's a good thing...they're a good band because all their albums
don't sound alike!! Who knows what the next album will bring? Maybe
you'll like it better than JT... :o) And keep in album's
sales aren't always a measure of how good it is...

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