Re: americans understanding Irish

Stephen McBride ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 18:28:41 +0100


It isn't just you this pisses off. I'm from Northern Ireland, was at
Maysfield Leisure centre on December 20, 1982, when "Sunday
Bloody Sunday" was first played, have grown up in a society that
has been victim to IRA violence, in part financed by Americans, like
Noraid, and let me tell you, "Irish" Americans really tick me off. A
bit like the way they do Bono in "Rattle and Hum".

Frankly, I wish Americans would shut the fuck up about Northern
Ireland. What was it Bono said?

"I'm sick of Irish-Americans who haven't been home in 20-30 years
come up to me, and talk about the glory of the revolution, and the
glory of dying for the revolution. FUCK THE REVOLUTION! You
never talk about killing for the revolution!"

Stephen R. McBride

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