Help on an interview!

Tracy Minot ([email protected])
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 22:37:19 PDT

Hi Wirelings,

A couple of days ago, I was in a music store and came across one of
those cd-size books on U2. To my knowledge, I didn't have this one
already but when I got home I found out I already had it, but this one
was different because it had an interview picture CD in it and a
different cover. It is by Mark Taylor, and has a pic of Bono on the
fround with a mic and his right leg out and his left one bent. it says
U2 "THE UNAUTHORISED EDITION." It doesn't say what the interview is
from, but it is about 58 minutes long and one part sounds like a press
conference with Irish people talking and asking Larry a lot of
questions, while another part is someone in the studio with the band
before the JT was released. My question is, does anyone have this, is
it rare (my guess is not), and what is the interview from? Thank

Tracy :-)

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