Re: My VINYL PANTS, U2 book, and "Seconds"

Brian Rossi ([email protected])
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 16:39:25 +1000

Nikki wrote:
>One more thing (so this is a U2 post with a "point," ya know. Uh oh!
>Don't wanna get in trouble again!). I was listenin' to WAR today, and
>"Seconds" came on. Is that really EDGE?!? Some parts sound JUST like
>Bono. Was it a joint effort? Is it *only* Edge singin', or is it the 2
>of them???? I had my cousin listen to it. I said, "Who's singin' right
>now?" She said, "Bono, right?" I said, "WRONG! It says it's Edge.
>Can you believe that?" Hmmmm.....

Ok this question I remember came up a few months back as well. It is
actually a shared effort by the two in which they alternate the lead
vocals. Im at university at the moment so I can't listen to it to see
exactly who sings where but going from my excellent and extremely
knowledgable u2 filled head it is edge who sings the first verse or two on
his own, "It takes a second to say goodbye.....see the world by
candlelight" then bono takes over when it gets to "In an apartment in times
square.....its the puppet who pull the strings" And in the last verse they
both sing together.

There has actually been some debate before as to who sings what but If you
listen close enough and long enough youll get to realize that they actually
do have different sounding voices and its fairly easy to tell which one is


P.S. Oh and one more thing. Just thinking of another song I'd like to hear
U2 cover. I reckon they outta cover that classic tune by Cartman titled
"Kyle's Mom is a Stupid Bitch, in D-Minor". That'd be awesome!!!

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