U2 Valencia is a FRAUD

R.D. Mauzy ([email protected])
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 12:27:29 PDT

Okay, I don't normally do this, i'm one to stay quite, and read on. But
once I see this U2 Valencia guy posting again, I HAVE to say something.

Boys and Girls, Guys and Gals, this person is NOTHING BUT BAD NEWS. I
have heard NOTHING but BAD things about him, and his unethical trading
standards, and have had nothing but bad experiences with him.

I can not believe he is still supported by all those "U2 Affiliate"
Sites and the "U2 Archive in Spanish." I am sorry, but a U2 fan who
continually burns people as HE HAS, deserves to be oustrisized from the
U2 community.

He flat out lied to me about the contents of his tapes, then kept lying
to me about why he wouldn't send my tapes, and then lied that he DID
send my tapes. He kept telling me he lost my adress, so I kept sending
him new my adress, but he kept losing it. Low and behold, he sent the
tapes some 12 months later to the wrong adress... my old one, which he

He put the tapes on normal bias tapes, which is a cardinal sin if you
trade bootlegs, and every email I ever got from him said, I sent your
tapes yesterday... Which he did not.

Not to mention the horror stories I've heard from every one else...

U2 Valencia IS BAD NEWS !


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