Come get some U2 MP3's! Q's about U2 in the studio and a finished song...

PopMartian ([email protected])
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 19:57:41 -0600

I just added some MP3's to my site, and I'm inviting you all to come
check them out! Just click on the "MP3" on the title bar and you're
there! I'll be uploading new ones hopefully every Saturday. While
you're there, play the U2 Puzzle and deform some pics of the fab four.
Don't forget to listen to some midi files and PLEASE SIGN THE
GUESTBOOK! Have fun!

Fraser The PopMartian

P.S. Has anyone heard anything new about U2 being in the studio? Last I
heard, they had completed one song. Any info would be greatly
appreciated! Have fun!


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