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Michael West ([email protected])
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 11:48:57 +0100

Good morning, Wireworld.

Ok, this post is an answer of sorts to the question that Todd posted yesterday. For those of you that don't
remember, Todd basically wondered who everyone thought would be the next big stadium act, after U2. Well,
here's what I think...
        I can't really see the Prodigy carrying on from where U2 finish, I'm not flaming their brand of music,
in fact I used to listen to them a little when I was quite a bit younger, but I can't see them being as
popular with their style, world-wide, as U2 are right now. Dance (or whatever you call it today) does have a
large audience in Europe, and they'd certainly sell-out some big stadiums in this area. But I can't see them
receiving the same levels of success in America and other continents, somehow. After all, once you've heard
one Dance song, you've heard them all, right?
        I'm quite into the Verve at the moment, but once again I can't see them going on to dominate world
proceedings. I know that they sound very good live, but the inter-band harmony isn't exactly what it should
be, at this relatively early stage of their life. And, it's probably me, but don't a lot of their songs sound
the same, as well?
        Which brings me to Radiohead. Now, I may be biased when it comes to the aforementioned band, but I
suggest to everyone that hasn't listened to Radiohead, to do so. They sound fantastic live, the yard-stick of
any decent group, and each of their three albums are close to, if not already, classics. I wasn't too keen on
them to begin with, but like U2, once you've listened to their material over and over again, you know that
these boys are going to be something special, although I think they are right now. Truly, Radiohead are a
superb band.
        So, in answer to your question, Todd, Radiohead are my choice for picking-up where U2 finish. Just
remember, you heard it here first...

You see me scratching, will you make me crawl?

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