Re: U2 past commercial glory?! U.S. consumers think so.

Megan.E.Mc-Clure-1 ([email protected])
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 14:37:12 -0500

hmm...i read this post a while ago, and to tell you the truth i really
don't care all that much about American music taste. I mean, 4th rate
REM's like Matchbox 20 are selling 5-6 mil, adult contemporary music is
selling like hotcakes and the "cool" thing to like these days is
ska...If there are 3 things in music I dislike most they are 4th rate
copycats, adult contemporary pop, and obviously I don't agree
with the majority of music fans in my country..In my opinion 90 percent
of the worthwhile music outthere comes from Europe, so there is no way
in the world America's music taste is superiour! I have to admit this
journalists calling an album I fell in love with and one that brought me
to U2 and a bunch of other music crappy irks me a little though...(just
the rabid fanside coming out I suppose!)

in the name of love and U2

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