Boys and girls, I know you're out there.

Bobby Cranker ([email protected])
Wed, 19 Aug 1998 19:58:58 -0400

Boy-girl is finally off to a good start. We're starting to gather steam. If
you feel privileged, hurt, or anything about being a U2 fan under 21, get
your butt over here. If you've ever been looked at in a strange way when you
told people you like U2, come and talk with other people who have
experienced the same thing. Escape from the big city of Wire for a minute
and come to a small town that's just beginning to grow where there is no
SPAM!!!! and a chance for us boys and girls to get to know each other. This
site/mailing list is 95% ad free( puts a little blurb at the top
of the digest version) and anyone who changes that will be deleted from the
list. Boy-girl is also available in 2 versions: Digest and normal. So If
don't want several e-mails a day, you'll get just one. works
very well so far, so it won't cause you any headaches.

Join us,


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