Zoo Radio Request - Calling all CD-R Owners!

Ariston Eschaton ([email protected])
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 09:09:45 +0100

achtung y'owl!

hm.. not posted anything for a while - been in lurk mode.. :)
anyway - i'll dispense with the pleasantries and get to the
point. :)

is there anyone out there in the electronic void who have
a good digital copy of the Zoo Radio promo FM show?

ive got it on a dodgy tape, but i think i really could
do with it on CDR. Actually, i could do with Salome(3CD)
on cdr as well, now i think of it! (any guys out there etc etc etc) ?

ive got a cd burner here, so i can trade like with like..

oh yeh.. the "whats in it for me?" clause.. well - on CD i have
(all original CDs..)

Mango (1CD - Official Release)
Kiwi (1CD)
Mango (1CD)
Zoocoustic (1CD)
Zootopia (2CD) (aka: Zoo Europa - identical boots : Dublin 1993)
U2:Wanted (2CD)
Live At Leeds (2CD) (Leeds 1997) *V Good boot, A1 quality audience, but
youd think it was soundboard..*
More Melon (1CD)
Bono In Interview (1CD) (no music - pure interview)
All I want is.. (1CD) (15-min interview-only cd)
U2 (Bootlet interview CD from Sound and Media ltd 65 min interview).
Zooropa/Lemon USA CD Promos
Numb/Last Night On Earth/Pop Muzik UK CD Promos
1-800-U2-Live (1CD)

there are a few others - cant remember em though.. :) im at work
at the moment - so i cant see my CDs! :)

eek - rattled on a bit there - like i said - id really like to
trade CDRs if anyone can.. oh and im based in UK, in case
that influences anything. :)

hope some geezer can help! :)

-ariston e.

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