U2 boots for sale/trade

F. Javier Diéguez ([email protected])
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 11:08:37 +0200


See my list in


Now i've got a CD burner and can make copies of my CDs

I've got these (great sound quality) original boots in CD, and can make
perfect replications (in DAO mode, and with colour photocopies of front and
back covers). They will look just like the originals:

- Melon CD (remixes, studio)
- The Real Thing (Zoo TV Rotterdam 6/15/92 Soundboard)
- Miss Sarajevo (Popmart Sarajevo 9/23/97 Broadcast)
- First Nights in Europe (Popmart Cologne + Rotterdam Soundboard)

Javi <[email protected]>

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