A-Z again

Jennifer Werts ([email protected])
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 07:12:19 PDT

Hi all. I asked if anyone had that MTV A-Z thing a couple weeks ago,
and I ended up getting it from "The Edge" od Chicago, along with a few
other goodies! After watching A-Z from start to finish, it seems like
there's something missing...I seem to remember a video of the live
version of "Pride" from Rattle and Rum...It wasn't the same footage as
the Rattle and Hum concert...But it was still during that time period.
Is this just my imagination? Is there anything else missing? A few
people have told me it's not complete, and if that's true, I'd like to
know what it doesn't include. Please email me if you know.
Thanks...Oh, one last thing...Do you know where I can get "A
Celebration"? Was it a single or what?

Livin' like it's the last night on earth...


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