Re: Re: Free Tapes

Reno ([email protected])
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 20:47:33 +0200 (CEST)

>achtung y'owl!

sorry pal.. but I'm gonna piss on yer fire here..

>did anyone REALLY think someone out there was going to supply the world
>and their dog with free copies of U2 material?

yup.. where have ye been.. playing with yer toes? :) just got a free tape in
the mail from someone I don't know, and eventhough I insisted to send
something back, she didn't want it. There's nice people out there.. ye know.
We don't all live in England (cheap blow under the belt.. sorry)

But seriously, in general, I sense people are getting a bit fed up with
people making big bucks by selling expensive bootlegs or even videos. I
sense more and more people go back to trading, or even sending stuff for
free. It's much more fun.. saves ye bucks on CDs, and with the tapes you
got, you can trade some more and thus expand your collection, ultimately
you're promoting U2!
This might be Eldorado is some people's eyes, I know, but those have dollar
signs there instead. If this little advert will make people realise that
exchanging material is far more fulfilling than buying a bootleg for $40, I
reach my purpose. Thank you.

Anyone wanna trade? email me :)

>this axe-murderer argument IMO is just plain silly.

yeah, must have been a typo.. she meant Owl-murderer ;)
How's the bowl of smelly pasta doing? LOL :)

(for those who've no idea what I'm talking about.. don't ask :)


PS. Thanks to a kind Wireling, the movie I refered to yesterday was
Dr.Strangelove.. the whole opening of ZooStation was a parody of that.

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