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Thu, 20 Aug 1998 21:10:20 EDT

Reno wrote:
<<sorry pal.. but I'm gonna piss on yer fire here.. >>

Boy..I like your style :)

Shannon wrote:
<<When you want to consider yourself a trader and begin to conduct business,
whether you offer merchandise for free or not, yes you should conduct your
self in a professional manner.

I completely agree ....

Owl boy wrote:
<<maybe, but i think if anyone was manipulated, it was sad gullible people.
did anyone REALLY think someone out there was going to supply the world
and their dog with free copies of U2 material?>>>>

Lesse....I can name U a few ME for one, Modsavage for TWO and speaking of
Modsavage he has sent not only me but SEVERAL people cds and videos and
official merchandise without even thinking and getting nothing in
return.....also a girl in NY sent me a show on tape and wouldnt let me send
her anything back though I INSISTED...not to mention Shannon here is offering
free tapes to people...I am ALL about sharing and for U to write this or even
think this U must be one greedy bastard.

Reno wrote:
<<just got a free tape in
the mail from someone I don't know, and eventhough I insisted to send
something back, she didn't want it. There's nice people out there.. ye know.

Uh oh...looks like Reno got a free tape the police...I mean..we
cant ALL be getting and giving out free tapes...I mean damn..that would be
unethical for us to be HUMAN and GENEROUS ...

Reno wrote:
<<But seriously, in general, I sense people are getting a bit fed up with
people making big bucks by selling expensive bootlegs or even videos>>

I COMPLETELY agree with U here Reno...Im sick of it...its NOT their money to
be made....

Owl freak wrote:
<<<<get real - posting tapes is expensive stuff, especially when you start
about a significant number of packages. *shakes head*>>

go ahead and shake your head all U want but the point is not ALL of us are
greedy bastards and are people who like to share and spread the music around a
bit. Thats what its has nothing to do with it...

Shannon wrote:
<<Yes, it is expensive. But, what Michael did was completely wrong>>

yes girl..I completely agree with U 100% on this....

Shannon wrote:

yeah me neither..especially when it involves U2 fans...

Owl dork wrote:
<<<<hehehahahahah! cmaaannn.. seriously - what are the chances of you emailing
axe murderer? really.. ? about 0.001% ? fair risk i say - thats the risk you
whenever you send your details over the internet.
this axe-murderer argument IMO is just plain silly. >>

laugh now boy...and think its silly ALL U WANT...but the point I was tryin to
make here is that U never know who people really are...U trust your instincts
and go from there ....and I can tell U RIGHT NOW there are TWO people here on
WIRE that have restraining orders put on them from other fans they met here on
WIRE for stalking reasons.

Shannon wrote:
<< Think like a stalker. Think like someone who may
want to get someone or something. Like I said, maybe or maybe not, but their
is enough of a chance that makes this entire situation make some people feel

thats right..U gotta think about these things and what Michael did was wrong,
manipulative, and gave me and I know a few others uneasy thoughts about him
and his little "hoax".

Shannon wrote:
<<Why should we have to be paranoid, on a list where everyone should be a fan,
and have a common bond? It is not uncommon on this list either to get someone
for next to nothing, or even sometimes absolutely nothing ... I have received
several items from MODSAVAGE and NICO ... for no other reason then they are
nice people who also will go out of their way to spread the goodness of U2 (I
like mine with Sparkyberry jam on marble rye).

yeah there anything else U want? ask and its yours....U know that by
now :) and as for U Modsavage...we take care of each other without
hesitation...girl is right here..we share a common bond and we shouldnt have
to feel the need to be paranoid about sending out our addresses..not EVERYONE
is paranoid..just a few in paticular that i know :) :) (all for U
girl :)

Owl geek wrote:
<<<<and anyway - anyone who hammers out their email address to a "free tapes!"
advert needs their head analysed, if you ask me. i think it was a bit
obvious this was a joke - taken perhaps a little far, but any reasonable
person should have seen thru it. >>

Lesse...shannons offering free tapes now and your saying that she is lying and
playing a prank?? I dont think shed take that too lightheartedly...but feel
free to see through all of that if U think its a thoughts..your the
unreasonable one...

Shannon wrote:

LOL..girl U were doing so well....but I KNEW U would have to toss in some sort
of comment..cause well...thats just U..ya know? too funny..U crack me up

Reno wrote:
<<yeah, must have been a typo.. she meant Owl-murderer ;)

well yeah I shoulda said stalker but I wanted to get peoples attention with
the whole Owl thing..I mean axe thing...good call Reno on my typo... :)

owl freak on a moped??? what are U thinking?? all I can say is from what U
have written U are one greedy bastard who probably holds on dearly to every
cent U have ...fine..thats completely fine by me..but for the people like me
and others who are HUMAN and GENEROUS because we wanna be ...dont U go pissin
on our parade and saying we should of known better to take someone up on what
looked to be a kind offer from what we thought to be another generous and
humane person like ourselves....

"oh my god thats the funky shit!"

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