The Next U2...(long but interesting)

Pirate Bob ([email protected])
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 04:03:59 -0400

This question has been raised before and it'll be raised again, but I'm
gonna put my 2 cents in anyway.

Whenever someone mentions bands that are like U2 the only one I ever
think of are The Beatles. Despite the obvious similarities of having the
same number of members and being from UK and being a pop band, there is
much more. Both bands started out very differently from what they
became. The Beatles being a rockabily-blues wannabe type band and
becoming a pop band and leading the British Invasion. U2 being a wannabe
punk band and becoming a pop band. Both bands had, not instant sucess
but extremely quick success for a rock band. The Beatles evolved from
simple songs to revolutionary groundbreaking musicmaking. U2 moved from
simple songs to revolutionary groundbreaking musicmaking.

The Beatles had Sgt Pepper, U2 had Achtung Baby and Zooropa. The Beatles
had Magical Mystery Tour which was liked by fans but dismissed by
critics as self-indulgent tripe. U2 had Pop which was liked by fans but
dismissed by critics as self-indulgent tripe. (Hey he may be on to
something here.)

This is why I don't think we will see "another U2" for a long time. We
had to wait 20 years for "another Beatles". I don't think of The Rolling
Stones or Pink Floyd when I think of U2 because both are bands which
have not continued to artisticly grow, they plateued, and they just
don't seem the same as U2.

Radiohead? - they've released 3 albums and none have done exceptionally
well. Yeah so Ok Computer was worshipped by critics and was picked best
of 1997 by an infinite number of critics. But I found OK Computer to be
dull, and overrated and so did a lot of other people.

Live? - Live is a one hit wonder band that is simply dragging its heels.
Their first album was great but they've been going downhill ever since.

The Verve? - They've been around for years. Most people think that Urban
Hymns is their first album. Watch, they'll win MTV's "Best New Artist"

Prodigy? - More hyped than Godzilla, and performed about as well. They
are also another band that is declining in quality.

Mansun? - Great band...but I think the only way any Americans would have
heard them would have been in commericals for Mortal Kombat 2, and that
was a remix.

Cure and Depeche Mode? - No. For 2 reasons. Both have been around as
long as U2 and both are more cult bands. The Cure and Depeche Mode are
like Rocky Horror Picture Show and U2 is like Jaws. Both have a huge
fans base but it'd be easier to find a Jaws fan.

So there you go. In about 20 years we should see then next Beatles/U2,
till then enjoy them while we got 'em.

Pirate Bob

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