Daily tally / Auction status

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 17:30:33 -0400

 Received today-

 Leslie Wiggins- $5.00 (thanks!)

DEADLINE for donations - AUGUST 31!! This means you!! :)


 Here's the deal with the auctions - We've just ended the last one! That's
right, we won't be running any more. We have a LOT of uncompleted auction
transactios out there- at least, that is what I am led to believe when
hardly anyone emails me telling me they got their stuff.

***If you got your auction item, and you have not told me, please do!!**

 Otherwise, I'm worrying about how to get your item to you, when you
possibly already have it!

SO, before I jump in and add 7 more auctions to complete in the near
future, on top of so many incomplete transactions, I'm thinking no. Let's
deal with what we have now, and get these people (who have paid) their items.

  Thanks to everyone for making this year's auctions so very successful!
I'll have the exact figures later, but I think that more than half of the
money we have was raised through auctions!

 Questions? ask!! :)



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