Bono doing the Elvis thing on VH1

Snoop U2 ([email protected])
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 18:12:29 EDT

  Hello everyone!!

    Well I subscribe to mailing list called Rock On TV and it sends you
a digest of musicians/artists that are on tv that week or the weekend.
Well I was looking for my usual ("Bono" and "U2") and I see that Bono is
narrating a special called "Elvis: From The Waist Up". WOW!!! So for
everyone who wants to see it it's on VH1 on 12pm EST tomorrow
(Saturday)... but guess what?? I can't see it!!!! :( Because we don't
get VH1 up here in Canada. Oh well... perhaps we'll get it sometime.


"O lijepa, O draga, O slatka slobodo"
        - Bono (Miss Sarajevo)

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