Outraged reader blasts fellow WIREling for insensitive joke

[email protected]
Fri, 21 Aug 1998 19:51:58 EDT

Phony news writer says he 'ain't sorry.'

WIRE - In a U2 WIRE service message dated 8/21/98, one [email protected]
blasted one [email protected] for his previously posted message - a phony news
report about US military strikes on Irish rock band U2.

[email protected] precursed her statement with the disclaimer, "Under
normal circumstances I usually laugh at anything, (but) I find it hard
extremely difficult to even chuckle at this."

[email protected] went on to explain that the Sudanese target in
Thursday's US air strikes was only a pharmaceutical plant, and purportedly was
not involved in the manufacturing of chemical weapons, that innocent people
were therefore killed, and that the tragic event should not be taken advantage

[email protected] further uncovered [email protected]'s flagrant disregard
for other nationalities, races, and religions by mocking his clearly narrow-
minded stance. "Ah, who gives a (expletive). It's only a bunch of (expletive)
ragheads and nee-gros...all they're good for is driving cabs...and what the
(expletive) is up with that (expletive) religion of theirs? Islam?"

[email protected] concluded by likening [email protected]'s prank to
hypothetical, similar pranks derived from the recent Omagh, Ulster bombing and
the hate crime involving "the African-American who was dragged behind that
pick-up truck in Texas."

[email protected] was reached for comment at his favorite Friday night drinking
location, a white supremecist-owned and-operated bar, "The Burning Cross."

Completely inebriated, he attempted to lash out at reporters violently, but
then became solemn and bitter.

"I ain't sorry I said't. N' I ain't no damn ignant sonabitch. I'm glad we blew
them (expletive) up. More of it comin' too, reckon," he said.

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