U2 is far better than The Prodigy, BUT...

manuel olmos ([email protected])
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 15:06:23 +0930 (GMT)

In reply to Chris Anderson's email.
U2 and The Prodigy have A LOT in common,
not in the music, in the attitude.
Just compare a few things... how did critics talk about U2 in the past
before Bono got pissed off and created The Fly and Mc Phisto?
Well, the same thing happened to the Prodigy cause they considered
their music 'too revolutionary' to the point where the government
took away the rights of citizens by not allowing them to publicly play their
music. Well, in response to that comes the Prodigy and releases
Music for The Jilted Generation... which gets a huge response from fans
but the critics hated it.
The Prodigy gets even more pissed off and releases The Fat of The Land
with the song "Smack My Bitch Up"... which drew the line between the people
who understood their music and the people who just criticized them.
The point The Prodigy was trying to get through was 'If you don't understand
our message then you shouldn't be trying to criticize us!'. Which worked.

Chris said: "I personally see the Prodigy
as a band which would go kind of crazy if they ever became
megastars (they MIGHT not handle it well).

Well... they already are BIG stars, not megastars like U2, but they are Big...
and you know what? they still live in the same neighbourhood where they were
raised, and in the same houses. They still shop in the same shops and they go out
just like everyone else... well, I guess what I'm trying to say is that not many
people act like that when they are famous, so i guess The Prodigy has proven they won't get crazy.
Also, The Prodigy is not a commercial group, they are doing their thing
and they create their music to get a message through, not to sell more discs
or to be famous.

"U2 is and was not the type to
get all rapped up in themselves to the point of acting stupid"

and the prodigy is not like that either, just because they don't follow
the trends it doesn't mean they are stupid. They are doing their thing
if you understand it, you are welcome, if you don't well, then you don't
understand the Jilted generation...

U2 has been the most influential group ever... for all kinds of music, except
techno. I think U2, got some inspiration from techno in their later albums
but they still are the same old U2 (which I love), it's just that now they learnt how
to use new things, and they use them perfectly. As for the prodigy they are
considered the most influential group in the story of Techno, they were the first
to put lyris and electric guitars in techno music, they are evolving, just like
U2 did, if you compare Boy to POP, you now it's U2, and you know they have
changed, the same with The Prodigy, compare The Prodigy Experience and
The Fat of the Land and you get the same result.

Well, I guess that's all folks... and just in case you haven't noticed my two favourite
groups are U2 and The Prodigy.

One more thing... Did you know that The Prodigy are big fans of U2? and that
in one opportunity they didn't want to open a concert for U2 because they considered
their music wasn't appropiate to U2's style?... now you know.


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