Pending Donation note to AI

Heidi Dutton ([email protected])
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 11:24:50 -0400

FYI, I just sent this note to Jeff Zick at AIUSA - he's the one who's
helped us with our past donations. The email didn't bounce - that's a good
sign! :)

 Heidi -------> received a FREE tape in the mail yesterday, herself!
(thanks so much, Cindy!

Hi, Jeff!

 We, the members of the U2 Internet Mailing Lists, including WIRE, EXIT and
ONE, are wrapping up this year's AI fundraiser. We will be donating more
than $1300.00. Could you either help us with our donation, or pass this
email on to someone who can? You may remember, I need someone from your
office to post to WIRE the exact amount received and the check number,
after you get our money of course. (That post to the list is crucial, and
is the one stipulation of our donation.) Also, I'm sending 3-5 people to
the AI Media Spotlight Awards, so our RSVP will come with the donation.

 Please let me know if you can help us, or whom I should contact-


 Heidi Dutton
 U2 Internet Mailing Lists Fundraiser Coordinator

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