Re:U2 1999 Calendars...Part Deux

[email protected]
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 12:39:39 EDT

Nell wrote:
"And to top that, its usually mainly bono pics in it. :/

WHOOOO!!!! HOOOO!!! there can never be enough Bono pics in this world...bring
em on...(she feels a crowd behind her chanting..we want more...we want more.
Calmly she turns around and tells them to be quiet cause not everyone can be a
bonofreak like herself)

Nell continued:
"Hehe, not all fans. I buy the oliver books calendar as soon as i see it at
a recordfair. Even if i already have the official calendar or know where to
get hold of one."

All I can say is I would buy ANY calendar if I saw it...I looked for forever
for a official 98 one and I started rather early...mid 97 or so and looked
through march of 98. I never found the official calendar went ahead and got the unofficial was a
bit easier to find....

someone needs to sell these calendars...I outlet or Tower
Records or at the very least allow us to order from
Propaganda...*sigh*.........ahh buht...Im just a thinkin again.....

bringin on those sons a bitches and Bono whered U put those suckas.....

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