Who can make me CD-r copies of the following boots?

allard van der werff ([email protected])
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 10:42:12 PDT

Hi folks,

I was wondering if there's anyone outthere willing to make me some
CD-r copies of these boots:

* the real thing (or any other soundboard recording from Rotterdam, Ahoy
* Popmart Santiago or
* any soundboard from new year's night in dublin '89 (I know, I still
don't have one!)
 Of course, being Dutch and all I ask you to your prices ass low as
possible ;) , I do not believe in selling 'original' boots for as much
as $40 (IMHO)

 check out my U2 LIVE mp3's linked to the boot titles at:
 and click on 'U2'. Up there are now:
 -Wire (Chicago '85)
 -Spanish Eyes(Denver '87)
 -Mysterious Ways (Sao Paulo '98)
 -Utraviolet (soundchecks Lakeland '92) <-- removing it in few day


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