NEW U2?????!!!!

GRACIA CARDEAL ([email protected])
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 20:00:31 GMT

Hi dear Wirelings,

It's been a long time since last time I posted something to the list.
Unfortunately, I've been very busy and had no time to reading it every day,
but now there's a discussion that interests me.

Did I understand well? How could you ever compare U2 to Prodigy? I'm sorry,
but I'm radical! C'mon, what are you doing? Prodigy played here in Rio
yesterday and I could see exactly what they are. Who are they? There's no
music, no vocals, no lyrics, no instruments, no real musicians. No real
anything, it's a commercial group, no one will be speaking about them from
now to 3 years. To compare U2 with that thing?!! Am I getting crazy or
what? New U2??? I'm sorry, but I disagree. There won't be any other
group like U2. Never! There are other cool groups, I recognize, like
Radiohead etc and it's good that other nice groups appear, but U2 is unique
and it'll always be.

Love for ya all, specially for my friends from UV (the brazilian list) and
for Anna from Paris and Nichola from Ripon.


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