Re: Is there a soundboard JT or UF show?

Elizabeth Platt ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 00:43:08 -0700 (PDT)

On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, J <[email protected]> wrote:

> The premiere JT boot (and maybe even U2 boot), Rock's Hottest
> Ticket is an audience boot. The reviews claim that the Denver tracks
> from Rattle and Hum in "Mountains and Desserts" are soundboard. If
> so, how did they obtain it? Was it broadcasted?

I'd assume it was leaked from the crew who made "Rattle & Hum". If memory
serves, Phil Joanou gave taped copies of the shows to the crew was he
tagged along on the tour. And, of course, the master tapes had to be
floating around while the film was in post-production. Looks like
something leaked! Like the rough footage of the film itself.

> Is there also an UF soundboard bootleg out there that has the
> full show? How about a few tracks that were broadcasted?

Hmmm..I don't recall any _broadcasts_, but I know that the band did have a
camera crew along with them for part of the '84 European tour (some of the
footage turns up in the "A Sort of Homecoming" live video). The original
idea was to make a documentary of the tour, but it was shelved, but
somewhere in the vaults there must be soundboard tapes of the shows that
were filmed? However, looks like nothing leaked from this stash.

> Please take note that I use the term soundboard synonymously with
> broadcast because this is how most people view it. As far as I can
> recall, there is only one "real" soundboard that is straight off the
> mixing desk and that is Rotterdam 92..
> There are existing sounboards (broadcasts) from the Boy, War,
> Lovetown, ZOO TV, and Popmart. The funny thing is that there are many
> different shows from those tours that were broadcasted. Yet, I havent
> found any JOshua Tree or UF show on soundboard (broadcast) even in its
> entirety or incompleteness. Hope you have some info.

Sorry, J, I'm feeling stupid on this one--anyone have any definitive list
of U2 shows that were broadcast on radio? The only lists I've seen have
been muddied up with improper info, e.g., they've also contained info on
bootlegs, or have lumped in those generic song clip/interview programs
that aren't really live concert broadcasts.

> PS: How about broadcasted videos? Is there a Joshua Tree show ever
> broadcasted? How about a Lovetown show?

In their entirity? Don't think so. In fact, the only live video thing I
recall the band ever doing on the whole '87 tour was a live link-up from
their Paris concert for some Island Records birthday celebration--and I've
never even caught up with that on video! As for the Lovetown tour, the
only thing I'm aware of (aside from the "LoveTown" documentary) was that
the first two (three?) songs of the band's New Year's eve show were aired
live on RTE's New Year's program.


Elizabeth Platt
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