Mr. Ford, you have my pity...

Michael West ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 11:40:07 +0100

Hi Wire,

I've just read Mr. Ford's inane ramblings that he decided to "bless" us with yesterday. It's not hard to see
why people dislike you at the moment, is it? I had to repeatedly hit myself on the head with a hammer to stop
from falling into a Land of Fantasy.
        How can you tell honest and caring people to "go to hell", after you cruelly tricked them into your
deluded, and frankly quite sick, prank? That is beyond belief. They have every right to label you every name
under the Sun for what you did.
        I mean, getting people to send you their addresses, just so that you had something to read on your
birthday! That strikes me as the action of a very immature and selfish person.
        Anyway, that's enough of that! I actually woke up in a good mood this morning, until I read Mr. Ford
pitifully attempting to defend his immoral actions.
        Regarding this not being a "Radiohead mailing list", that is another very strange comment to make.
>From what I understand, 99% of all Radiohead talk is in answer to Todd's question a few days ago. I think
most people would find it difficult to state who will take over U2's mantle if they aren't actually allowed to
say the group's name! I suggest that instead of complaining to the entire Wireworld each time you see a band
other than U2 mentioned here, simply read the "offending" post through once more, this time from the beginning
until the end, and then place it in context. There, easy when you know how!
        I found Mr. Fords second post almost equally as strange. I'm not saying that Oasis aren't an
excellent band, in fact I own all of their albums, but to state that they have "class" and that Radiohead
haven't is an extremely unfunny joke! In my opinion, you cannot even begin to compare Radiohead with Oasis.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not flaming Oasis fans, I love some of their stuff. However, I happen to think that
Radiohead are vastly superior. I could provide a million reasons as to why, but I'm sure that many Wirelings
already know why, anyway.
Anyway, I feel a lot better now I've got that off my chest! Oh, and to ensure that I don't receive a warning
for non-U2 content, U2 rule supreme!

See you all later,


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