Next U2? Yeah, right....

Bec W. ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 08:25:57 PDT

I have an idea about the next U2. How about Savage Garden...their
touching ballads about standing on mountains and bathing in the sea
really move me. Or maybe such amazing talent like N Sync and the
Backstreet Boys (what's the difference though??) will take over stadiums
in the future... :o)
Ok, seriously, even with as many good bands that are out there, none of
them will ever hold a candle to our U-boys! NOT EVER. There's
something very special about them, and I doubt another group that comes
close to having their kind of chemistry with each other and with their
audience will be around in my lifetime. If there is ever a band that is
dubbed "the Next U2", no matter how good they are, I will personally be
sickened. I can imagine I wouldn't be the only one...

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