The "NEXT U2" debate

Agent Ana MacPhisto ([email protected])
Sun, 23 Aug 1998 17:04:11 -0300

Here I am again... Hi wire!

        Well, I can't see any new band as a next U2... My sisters say that
Smashing Pumpkins could be but I don't believe. Oh, well, I don't wanna get
too much into this, I was just gonna email to say that you can say what ever
you say, I'll never think that "Oasis" is better than U2, or as good as U2
or *any* good. I can't like the way they act, I can't like their music (even
though I'm a very big Beatles fan. Well, maybe because of that.). Now, I
gotta explain you that I love U2 for their music, for the way they act and
for everything they are, since music is not only beat (or I would like metal
;-), or only lyrics, but something bigger and better. The whole concept of a
band, you know, isn't about people that play togheather, but about people
that *are* togheter fopr some reason, that are chasing their dreams
togheather. Now, no other band gives me that impression of unity, as you
know, most bands are only knew for their leading vocalist's name (Speaking
of "Oasis", no one talks about the rest of the band! Wonder who are
them...). But I may only be taking everything too serioulsy and too far (as
I use to) . . .


PS: Thanks everyone for answering my "The Sweetest Thing" search. You know
who you are and you are great!!

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